Once Upon a Time… The Objects Debuts Around the World


Procidis and Samka have sold Once Upon a Time… The Objects, the latest series for the Hello Maestro brand, to broadcasters around the world.

The series has already launched on RTS in Switzerland; Hot in Israel; TV5MONDE in select European countries, the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia; Yle in Finland; and France Télévisions in France. It is set to premiere on Warner Bros. Discovery Italy’s Boomerang and Cartoonito this fall.

Once Upon a Time… The Objects is also airing on Minimax in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovin, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia.

The series covers 78 objects that have existed for hundreds of years up to more recent ones, including soccer balls, drones, pants, lip balms and more. Each object gives kids the opportunity to discover different fields of knowledge, from history, geography and philosophy to physics and natural sciences, and learn how they have played a role in the history of humankind and shaped the world.

Once Upon a Time… Objects is co-produced by Procidis and Samka, along with Sklan and Ka and Studio Zmei, in association with France Télévisions and Hot, with the participation of RTS and TV5MONDE.

Previous series in the franchise include Once Upon a Time… Man, Once Upon a Time… Space, Once Upon a Time… Life, Once Upon a Time… The Americas, Once Upon a Time… The Discoverers, Once Upon a Time… The Explorers and Once Upon a Time… Planet Earth. The programs are now gathered under the umbrella brand Hello Maestro. The franchise was first introduced in 1978.

“When I decided to make my first series, Once Upon a Time…, the challenge was to create a season that would enrich the saga, not eclipse it,” said Hélène Barillé, CEO and producer at Procidis. “I wanted broadcasters and viewers to see it as part of a 90-hour fresco. It had to remain first and foremost a public service, adapting to today’s media and audiences while remaining faithful to Maestro’s DNA and philanthropic values. We are proud to present Once Upon a Time… The Objects, the latest addition to the Hello Maestro saga.”

Samuel Kaminka, CEO and producer at Samka, added, “After discovering that every object hides a fabulous story, children will look at their everyday lives with fresh eyes. They’ll feel that knowledge is a source of pleasure.”