NATPE Spotlight: Toon Goggles


MIAMI: Toon Goggles is introducing the first of several new influencer-based series it has been working on as part of an initiative to offer more originals.

A top highlight is Hooray for Hollie Wood, a red-carpet show for kids. The series features weekly interviews with celebrities straight from movie premieres, as young reporter Hollie Wood asks the questions that kids want to know answers to.

Toon Goggles is also starting production on a second season of the original series The Magic Academy, which now features kid magicians. “These masters of prestidigitation will marvel our audience with tricks and illusions for all ages,” says Stephen L. Hodge, the company’s CEO. “We believe that our new and inventive series will keep viewers coming back not just on a weekly but a daily basis, providing entertainment they can’t find anywhere else.”

Hodge adds: “Our main goal with these new series is to provide daily interactive entertainment that kids can follow, comment on and get tips from.”