NATPE Spotlight: NPO Sales


MIAMI: The youth science documentary series Full Proof, part of NPO Sales’ catalog, explores topics such as rockets, balance, static electricity and more.

Intended for kids ages 7 to 10, it features outdoor experiments and has been sold in Australia, Scandinavia, Spain, Finland, Italy, the U.S., Hong Kong, France and Germany, among other countries. The award-winning youth documentary Just Kids, meanwhile, features episodes such as “How Ky Turned into Niels” and “Under the Stars I Felt at Home.”

NPO Sales is also offering the documentary SkateKeet, about a 10-year-old girl whose skateboarding skills have earned her recognition in a domain dominated by boys.

“NPO Sales is very proud of the rich youth content that has been produced in the Netherlands,” says Margaret Stanneveld, the company’s sales manager. “We are privileged to present Dutch programs of high quality and make them available all around the world.”