MIPTV Spotlight: Studio 100 Media


CANNES: A regular boy falls into a world of fantasy, magic and action in the series Arthur and the Minimoys, a key highlight from Studio 100 Media.

Also known as Arthur and the Invisibles in North America, the CGI series is based on children’s books by Luc Besson. The company’s offering also includes the second season of Maya the Bee, which will become available in July.

“Families worldwide have fallen in love with Maya through the CGI series and the theatrical feature released in 2014 (season one and the movie both sold to more than 170 countries),” says Hans Bourlon, the CEO of Studio 100. “Maya has such huge brand awareness that it is a natural step for us to produce a second season.”

There is also the live-action series Ghost Rockers, with the fourth season becoming available in July. “We are confident that Ghost Rockers will continue to do well internationally both as a TV series and as a brand,” adds Bourlon.