MIPTV Spotlight: Lacey Entertainment


CANNES: A spirited young girl is featured in Kiva Can Do!, which Lacey Entertainment is promoting to international buyers.

“The storytelling is playful and fresh, the animation design is colorfully multi-textured and the ensemble cast of characters helps to ensure a series that will deliver a strong viewing audience,” says Brian Lacey, the company’s president. “The kid-identifiable characters living in their own magical worlds gently remind young viewers that, like Kiva, anything you can dream, you can do.”

Also on offer is Dinosaur King, which combines fun-loving children with dinosaur battles in CG animation. “Dinosaur King is a fantasy adventure series that underscores the universal and timeless appeal of dinosaurs,” says Lacey. “It’s an evergreen and proven ratings winner worldwide, making it especially appealing for digital platforms.”

He adds: “We are currently involved in the creation and packaging of several new series for the 2018-20 broadcast seasons.”