MIPTV Spotlight: INK Global


CANNES: The third season of Masha and the Bear is being presented by INK Global to international buyers, along with the new spin-off Masha’s Spooky Stories.

“Season three of one of the world’s favorite animations sees the adorable but hyperactive Masha cause more trouble for her reluctant friend, the bear,” says Bruno Zarka, the company’s media director. “In the new spin-off, Masha shows the audience—in her own inimitable style—how typical childhood fears, such as being afraid of the dark and wary of water, are really nothing to worry about.”

INK is also offering up The Mojicons, an upcoming comedy series set in the internet, where a digital villain has stolen the “@” symbol, and Tindili, a new show following the adventures of five alien children. “All these shows combine distinct originality with a really strong story; this appeals not only to international media buyers, but most importantly to kids,” adds Zarka.