MIPJunior Spotlight: ITV Studios Global Entertainment


CANNES: The second installment of the hit reimagined show Thunderbirds Are Go is being presented by ITV Studios Global Entertainment to international buyers in Cannes.

The series, which is produced by ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures in association with Weta Workshop, uses a combination of CGI animation and live-action miniatures. “For season two, I can say that the scale of ambition has notched up several levels,” says Giles Ridge, the company’s senior VP of content and brand development, and executive producer for the show.

Ridge continues: “We now have the fantastic challenge of making both seasons two and three at the same time. ITV was confident enough in the series to commission season three a year earlier than expected, and we’ll continue to push the boundaries in every way we can.

“The series is underpinned by positive values such as selflessness, ingenuity, heroism and bravery, and is a wonderful offering for young audiences today.”