ITVS GE Gears Up for Thunderbirds Are Go Season Two


LONDON: ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) is rolling out a launch campaign for the U.K. premiere of the second season of Thunderbirds Are Go, which debuts late next month.

The new 26-episode season is due to premiere on ITV and CITV channels and will see the introduction of a new villain, and ITVS GE is carrying out a season-two launch campaign encompassing events, retail promotions and new product launches. The company is hosting a world premiere screening for the new season at BAFTA in London on October 1.

The BAFTA event will include a Q&A session with a selection of the Thunderbirds Are Go voice cast. It will also feature activities for kids and the first chance to meet Virgil Tracy in person.

Additionally, ITVS GE is working with U.K. department store Harrods to create a dedicated Thunderbirds Are Go installation in its Toy Kingdom from September 26 until October 23. The event centers on a re-creation of the Thunderbird 2 runway from Tracy Island. Key product ranges will be showcased, including toys from Vivid Imaginations and Spin Master, in addition to vehicle cushions from High Resolution Design.

ITVS GE also partnered with Rainbow Productions for the first Thunderbirds Are Go costumed character. In October, the Virgil Tracy costumed character will be opening three new Smyths Toys Superstores in Longbridge, Bradford and Crawley. During the week of the show’s launch, toy retailer The Entertainer will host meet and greets with Virgil Tracy at six stores across the U.K. The Entertainer will also run a competition online and on it social media channels during October half term to promote the launch of season two.

ITVS GE will also run an exclusive gift-with-purchase offer to support the Thunderbirds Are Go toy lines that will be featured in Argos’s upcoming Christmas gift guide. In addition, this fall and winter will see several cross-category product launches, including new activity books from Simon & Schuster, a baking kit from Symingtons, kids’ watches from London Europe Group, homewares from World’s Apart and new confections from Beacon Confectionery.

“The response to the first season of Thunderbirds Are Go has been fantastic,” commented Trudi Hayward, the senior VP and head of global merchandise at ITVS GE. “Kids love the show’s compelling, action-packed story lines, while parents have been drawn to its balance between the new and classic TV show. We’re now delighted to be offering fans brand-new content and unveiling the latest installment in the Tracy brothers’ adventures. With such a fantastic lineup of activities planned to celebrate the second [season] launch, the next chapter of Thunderbirds Are Go is going to be hard to miss!”