MIPJunior Spotlight: Creative Media Partners


CANNES: Among the MIPCOM highlights for independent content creator Creative Media Partners is Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies, an adventure comedy about an everyday kid who goes to school, plays sports—and saves the seven galaxies with his friends in his spare time.

“The show has been created for global multiplatform consumption and has at its heart strong storytelling” and characters that kids will relate to, says Raja Masilamani, the company’s creative director. “Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies will appeal to kids 5 to 11, and is family-inclusive and without violence…. [It] is boy-driven but girl-inclusive.”

Creative Media Partners will also be showcasing The Beach Crew, a character-driven comedy following the adventures of Billy Boogie Board and Sammy Surf Board.

Meanwhile, Miss Peas is a slapstick comedy in which four students play tricks on their teacher. “The show is pure entertainment with gags and jokes all the way, as Miss Peas tries to get to the end of the school day without incident,” says Masilamani.