MIPJunior Spotlight: BabyTV


CANNES: A follow-up to Charlie & the Numbers, Charlie & the Alphabet—one of BabyTV’s MIPCOM highlights—looks on as the titular character introduces each letter of the alphabet through stories and songs.

G-Rafa, BabyTV’s newest production, follows five friends with character traits that are relatable to young viewers. “The series has been created with the help of childhood experts and will appeal to kids’ imaginations,” says Ron Isaak, the director of programming at BabyTV.

BabyTV is also promoting its OTT catalog. “Our new OTT collection is a library of assets specially arranged for digital viewing,” says Isaak. “It provides hundreds of hours of short- and long-form episodes, featuring the characters and shows that our international audience knows and loves, and tailored for early-age viewing.”

Isaak says that BabyTV has “the best quality content for its age group, crafted with expertise and cherished by kids and parents alike for over ten years, and guarantees a safe but fun environment.”

He adds: “BabyTV provides an unmatched service for families.”