MIPJunior Spotlight: 3Zero2


For the first time, Euro Media Group’s 3Zero2 is presenting its live-action children’s series to the international market.

Among the Italian production company’s highlights is Alex & Co., a teen drama following friends who share a passion for music.

Serving as a spin-off of that show is Penny on M.A.R.S., about a girl who dreams of attending a prestigious school for performing arts. “Season one has just aired on Disney Channel in Italy and the U.K., with amazing success in both countries,” says Piero Crispino, co-founder of 3Zero2. “We are now shooting season two, while season three is planned for 2019.”

School Hacks, meanwhile, is a brand-new sketch comedy about a group of classmates. That series begins airing on Disney Channel in Italy this fall.

“We produce these stories with the utmost care in every phase: from the script to the soundtrack, as well as the casting of characters,” adds Crispino.