Licensing Expo Spotlight: Mercis BV


LAS VEGAS: Mercis BV owns the global rights for the book-based property Miffy, which inspired the new CGI animated series Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small.

The Miffy brand has 250-plus licensees worldwide, covering books, theme parks, musicals, exhibitions and much more. Regarding how the company has updated its L&M strategy for the show’s launch, Marja Kerkhof, Mercis’s managing director, says, “We still continue with the 2D style for some products. For other products, we have a whole new style guide for the TV series.”

In the digital space, Kerkhof says the company is pursuing opportunities with games and apps. “The world is very large, and though we are active in quite a lot of countries, there are still countries where we’re not as active—obviously, we’re looking at that,” Kerkhof adds about the company’s goals for Licensing Expo. “For Licensing Expo, [we] find it very inspiring to see all our agents again and to learn from each other about what we do in different countries.”