KingstOOn Receives Record Number of Competition Entries


More than 2,100 entries from over 100 countries have been submitted for the KingstOOn Animation Competition, more than ever before in its history.

Producers of animation from 108 countries submitted almost 1,500 entries in the best international short film category, with over 750 in the best international student film category and about 300 in the best international special effects film category.

Animation Specialist Robert Reid described it as, “An amazing show in a year where the physical collaboration on projects was stymied worldwide by Covid restrictions.”

The decline in participation from Jamaican students was noticeable, though, as many depend on school computer labs to collaborate and create content.

“Limited access to technology is, unfortunately, a Caribbean wide source of contention,” said Reid. “Jamaica ranked sixth with 100 submissions in the Caribbean short film, character design, concept, and the storyboard categories. In total, there were 124 submissions from the Caribbean.”

The Animation Conference will begin on April 21, and the Film Festival is slated to start on April 15 with films being accessible on-demand after they are aired.