KingstOOn 2021 Powered by Cutting-Edge Tech


KingstOOn Animation Conference and Film Festival 2021 will be using cutting-edge technology for its first-ever virtual staging taking place from April 21 to 25.

The conference, which has teamed up with FLOW as its official technology partner, will feature a hybrid approach. Marquee events such as the Opening Ceremony, Pitch Competition and Awards Ceremony were pre-recorded using set designs that included multiple screens to display speakers, awardees and judges speaking from over 20 countries across the globe.

Phase 3 Productions is on board as the production company and will be using V-Fairs, a virtual and hybrid events platform that helps organizations reach global audiences using a 3D experience. Esirom is also a sponsor of the animation festival event.

KingstOOn Animation Conference and Film Festival 2021 is organized by the Government of Jamaica through the Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industries Project in collaboration with the World Bank. The project targets the training of young Jamaicans in the digital and animation industries.

Robert Reid, animation specialist at the office of the Prime Minister of Jamaica, said: “We truly pulled out all the stops this year to ensure that our first-ever virtual staging of Kingst00n Animation Conference and Film Festival, will be our best one to date. We will be harnessing the very best technology and utilizing a first-class production team. Our viewers will certainly be impressed by all that we have in store for them,”

Delano Forbes, creative director and CEO of Phase 3 Productions, said: “Phase 3 feels privileged to have been selected to be part of this novel approach to presenting the KingstOOn 2021 Animation Conference. We will be using a state-of-the-art 4K production truck as well as innovative animation techniques such as motion capture for our animated hosts.”

Alex Morrissey, director of Esirom, said: “Having participated in numerous international conferences over the last two years, we have taken from the best and incorporated it into this year’s staging of KingstOOn. We’re going digital and this means that as a participant you will have access to all the sessions online, rewatch anything you might have missed and connect with all other participants, sponsors and speakers in our networking lounge. This KingstOOn is not just about the festival going virtual, it’s about being able to deliver a world-class event and provide opportunities for every aspiring animator to learn, promote and connect with key stakeholders in the industry.”