Kid Genius Cartoon Channel Goes Live on OTT Platforms


BEVERLY HILLS: Genius Brands International has launched its Kid Genius Cartoon Channel on OTT platforms, including Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire, extending its reach to approximately 50 million U.S. households.

In addition to these OTT platforms, Kid Genius Cartoon Channel is available on Comcast’s XFINITY on Demand platform. Genius Brands International is also launching new apps for its signature Baby Genius and SpacePOP brands on Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV, adding multiplatform engagement opportunities for audiences.

Kid Genius Cartoon Channel provides a range of programming for young viewers, including original shows such as Baby Genius, SpacePOP, Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club and Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab. It also features series such as Eddie Is a Yeti and Nancy Drew Codes & Clues.

“We’ve been anxiously awaiting the ‘go’ for Kid Genius Cartoon Channel on these platforms since we first announced the distribution agreement with Future Today in November,” said Debra Pierson, the general manager of Kid Genius Cartoon Channel. “As anyone with kids understands, being able to access and stream engaging entertainment on demand is essential in today’s world. And if you want to reach the widest possible audience, you do that through Roku, Apple, Amazon Fire and more. These are not alternative platforms, they are vital platforms, and Kid Genius Cartoon Channel will be there with hours of stimulating ‘Smart TV for Kids.’”