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Hop!’s Sharon Moverman


The Hop! Media Group bouquet in Israel is home to, among other channels, the flagship Hop! The programming mix on the kids’ channels is driven by a mission to inspire curiosity, promote social-emotional learning and broaden the minds of young viewers. Sharon Moverman, VP of acquisitions and international operations at Hop! Media Group, talks to TV Kids about the brand values guiding her acquisitions strategy and the importance of having full rights and exclusivity.

***Image***TV KIDS: What role do acquisitions play on the Hop! channels?
MOVERMAN: Hop! Media Group is the owner and operator of four children’s channels in Israel: Hop!, Luli, Hop! Israeli Childhood and WIZ. Acquisitions play a significant role on our channels, holding 70 percent of the schedule on some. We apply a meticulous screening and evaluation process and cherry-pick all acquired content to ensure it matches our channels’ unique DNA as well as the current needs and strategies of each channel.

TV KIDS: What are the brand values you have to keep in mind when sourcing programming?
MOVERMAN: With over 20 years of mindful creation and curation of content under our belt and our mission to inspire curiosity, promote social-emotional learning and broaden the minds of our viewers, Hop!’s channels have become synonyms with high-quality and engaging content, good nurturing values and a safe environment.

We shy away from shows that are mean-spirited and depict acts of any kind of violence and bullying, as well as shows that depict gender stereotypes and shows that might evoke fear in our young audience.

TV KIDS: What are you currently on the lookout for?
MOVERMAN: Our focus remains on toddlers and preschoolers up to the age of 7. We acquire shows of all genres, but animation takes the lead as it travels well, is easier to adapt and often resonates better than acquired live-action shows.

TV KIDS: Is there anything you’re not seeing enough of out there in the marketplace?
MOVERMAN: We’re always in the market for shows that are entertaining and fun with an added value—whether social, emotional or curriculum-based. We seek shows that echo children’s inner world and reflect their everyday routines, challenges and experiences at home and kindergarten or school. We are also on the lookout for shows that center around topical issues, such as the environment, media literacy and inclusion, in a subtle and age-appropriate manner.

TV KIDS: What’s your stance on exclusivity?
MOVERMAN: Being the market leader in Israel with the largest share of preschool viewings and instrumental in maintaining leading preschool brands in the territory is due not only to our curation and scheduling but also to the work we put into promoting and supporting our shows. In order to do so, full rights and full exclusivity are a must, and non-exclusivity and unavailability of digital and nonlinear rights may be a deal-breaker. Having said that, we are willing to consider on a case-by-case basis joint windows with global platforms in the territory.

TV KIDS: What advice can you share for a producer or distributor looking to land programming on your platform?
MOVERMAN: Provide as much information as possible and highlight the show’s aspects that correspond with our DNA on the one hand and the aspects that bring something new and fresh on the other.

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