Global Screen Picks Up The Last Whale Singer


Global Screen has acquired the feature film The Last Whale Singer for global distribution and will present it for presales at the Marché du Film.

In the animated family film, Vincent, the son of the last whale singer, must venture to the deepest sea to summon his mystical song, which is essential for the ocean’s survival. When Vincent’s father dies, he doubts his own ability to defeat the evil and undertakes a dangerous journey to bring his father back.

Written and directed by Reza Memari (Richard the Stork), The Last Whale Singer is produced by Maite Woköck (My Fairy Troublemaker). Memari and Woköck are co-CEOs of Telescope Animation.

The film’s characters are based on designs by Uwe Heidschötter (Revolting Rhymes, Missing Link, ZOG). The Last Whale Singer is one of the first animated feature films created with Unreal Engine 5.

The film will be available for presales at the Marché du Film in Cannes.

“This is the story of a young humpback whale who, after the sudden loss of his parents, is confronted with a seemingly impossible task: to discover the song that will save the oceans from destruction,” said Memari. “It’s a story about radical vulnerability and the power of one voice, courageously singing through fear, to inspire others. The Last Whale Singer also carries another vital message which is close to my heart—the urgent need to respect and protect the natural world.”

“When Reza Memari first told me about his idea for The Last Whale Singer, I was immediately on board,” Woköck said. “Since then, this whale’s incredible journey has grown into a vast, interwoven story universe across multiple media platforms. As a producer, it’s a pure joy to be working on a project of such narrative abundance and great potential for international distribution.”

Alice Buquoy, senior VP of international sales and acquisitions at Global Screen, added, “This is an intricately layered film, which reveals the never-before-seen and fascinating world of the whales. It’s a beautifully created piece with stunning animation, an uplifting score and an entertaining narrative bringing the mesmerizing underwater realms to life. The story is life-affirming and touching with a call to action to both young and old, which simply cannot be ignored.”