eOne’s Odd-Paw Vet Debuts on YouTube


The first three episodes of Odd-Paw Vet, a brand-new IP and series from Entertainment One (eOne) and Hasbro, have bowed on an eponymous YouTube channel.

For children ages 2 to 5, the show sees unique hybrid animals such as a giraffe-kangaroo, parrot-bear, turtle-duck, elephant-frog, dragon-rabbit and more seek help from Billie the Odd-Paw vet and her sidekicks.

The first three episodes are available to watch on the Odd-Paw Vet YouTube channel, with a total of 40 5-minute episodes dropping weekly.

Odd-Paw Vet is co-created by Emily Mullock and Patrick Baggatta, with Amuse serving as the production partner. The series is from the in-house original digital team behind the Peppa Pig Tales and Baby Alive original series on YouTube.

“It’s exciting to be among the first to launch a brand-new property in the veterinary play space for young kids on YouTube with Odd-Paw Vet,” said Olivier Dumont, president of eOne Family Brands. “Being a digital-first IP will allow us to test the appetite for these adorable and nurturing characters and learn from the viewing behaviors in real time, with potential opportunities to expand the storytelling and brand in the future and truly build fandom organically.”