Ella Bella Bingo Sells Around the World


Studio 100 Film has secured a raft of international sales and first admissions for the animated movie Ella Bella Bingo, produced by the Norway-based Kool Produktion.

Per the new deals, Ella Bella Bingo will travel to the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Benelux, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, the Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, South Korea and Latin America. The series premiered in Norway and Denmark in January.

Ella Bella Bingo tells a story about the fear of losing one’s best friend, with a new boy moving into the neighborhood and challenging the friendship between best pals Ella Bella and Henry. The movie’s voice cast includes Summer Fontana as Ella Bella and Jack Fisher as Henry, as well as Benjamin Plessala, Tress MacNeille, Richard Kind, Fred Tatasciore and Chris Sullivan. Kool Produktion made Ella Bella Bingo together with Gimpville. Studio 100 Film acts as its international sales agent.

Frank Mosvold, producer of Ella Bella Bingo, said: “Ella Bella Bingo is a fun film about the power of friendship. It is a film where both children and adults can identify with the challenges of the protagonists of the movie. We are extremely pleased with the release of Ella Bella Bingo in Norway and Denmark. The film has been both a commercial and critical success. It is very seldom critics take animated family films to their hearts, as they have done with Ella Bella Bingo in both countries. Ella Bella Bingo has exceeded our expectations in our home market and we look forward to introducing our film to the world.”