Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories to Bow on PBS KIDS


PBS KIDS has slated the streaming premiere of Fred Rogers Productions and Spiffy Pictures’ Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories, a series of shorts with characters from Donkey Hodie, for May 27.

Each short features one of the show’s characters snuggling into bed, winding down and reading a book to help children ease into their own bedtimes while offering life lessons about resilience, self-control and self-awareness.

Donkey Hodie Bedtime Stories comprises eight episodes, with Donkey Hodie, Purple Panda, Duck Duck and Bob Dog. Along with the usual puppeteering on Donkey Hodie, the shorts also feature original and different styles of artwork to bring a fresh visual experience.

The show is premiering as the summer months approach and routines get more relaxed as school lets out, a time when parents often seek ways to maintain consistence in their children’s bedtime routines.