Cartoon Forum Kicks Off in Toulouse


This year’s Cartoon Forum is currently underway in Toulouse, with 84 new titles involving 21 European countries.

The pitching and co-production forum for animated series is set to host nearly 900 participants in Toulouse, 200 of whom are buyers and decision-makers also attending on site.

This year’s spotlight will be focused on Portuguese animation, featuring five new projects (including co-productions).

Shortlisted from 141 submissions, the projects have a total budget of €326.1 million, with an average cost per series of €3.9 million. In total, the projects represent 460 hours of animation, while series formats continue to diversify in response to the new demands, both in terms of the number of episodes and running time.

France leads the selection with 33 projects, followed by Ireland with 11, Germany with 8, Spain with 6 and Belgium with 5. The Czech Republic, Denmark and Portugal participate with 4 projects each, and Italy and Poland with 3, while Finland, Latvia and Ukraine are present with 1 project each. Central and Eastern European countries have 9 projects.