TV Kids In-Demand: Preschool—Part 1


We’re featuring a slate of fantastic new shows in our latest round of In-Demand reports, just in time for MIPCOM and MIPJunior. In the first of two preschool reports, we spotlight ZDF Enterprises’ School of Roars, CAKE’s B.O.T. and the BEASTIES, Magic Light Pictures’ Pip and Posy and GO-N’s Simon Super Rabbit.

School of Roars

Commissioners: CBeebies (U.K.), Sprout (U.S.)
Produced By: Dot to Dot Productions
Distributor: ZDF Enterprises represents all rights worldwide.
Description: (Preschool 3-6 comedy, S1-2: 104×7 min.) Children are prepared for school life through the experiences of our lovable mini-monsters. Through their adventures, they learn how to care, share, make friends and have fun.
Pitch Perfect: Now in its second season, our series is full of monster laughs and teaches the core values of life. Going to school is something children all over the world experience and can relate to. The series introduces children to the first year of school and shows them that it’s full of fun and not scary at all.
Slot Winner: The show has also aired on Nick Jr., DeA Junior and Rai Yoyo in Italy, TG4 in Ireland and ABC Kids in Australia. Nominated for Best Preschool Series at the Broadcast Awards in 2017 and 2018.
Sales Contacts: Katharina Pietzsch, Director ZDFE.junior; Marei Bruckmann, Director ZDFE.junior; Jan-Frederik Maul, Director ZDFE.junior.

B.O.T. and the BEASTIES

Commissioner: CBeebies (U.K.)
Produced By: Ragdoll Productions
Distributor: CAKE represents worldwide rights excluding the U.K.
Description: (Preschool 2-6 comedy, 50×5 min.) Introduces the comic adventures and misadventures of a lovable robot as he discovers new worlds and an assortment of bizarre beasties that inhabit them.
Pitch Perfect: B.O.T. and the BEASTIES is the latest series created by Anne Wood (Teletubbies, In the Night Garden and Twirlywoos), whose reputation for producing high-caliber IP with global appeal is unprecedented in the preschool space. Strong visual comedy, playfulness and invention coupled with wonderful storytelling is ensuring its strong performance on CBeebies.
Slot Winner: Regularly appears in CBeebies’ top ten.
Sales Contacts: Edward Galton, CEO; Bianca Rodriguez, Head, Sales.

Pip and Posy

Commissioners: Milkshake!, Sky (U.K.)
Produced By: Magic Light Pictures
Distributor: Magic Light Pictures represents all rights.
Description: (Preschool 2-6, 52×7 min.) An animated series based on the hugely popular picture books by Axel Scheffler and Camilla Reid.
Pitch Perfect: Packed with warmth and humor, the series is a celebration of great friendship. Based on the million-selling book series illustrated by Axel Scheffler, Pip and Posy premiered in the U.K. in March to huge ratings success and is already a social media hit with 5-million-plus views.
Slot Winner: Number one on Milkshake! nine times in June 2021. Logged 2.4 million viewers. Among kids 4-15, Pip and Posy beats Peppa Pig (67,000 to 58,000) and is currently first or second every day. It commands a 25 percent share of viewing for the 4-6 group and 28 percent for kids 4-15. Averaged 191,000 viewers in June 2021. Reached over 3.1 million people on social media. Over 33,000 engagements on social media. Over 1.4 million videos viewed on social media.
Sales Contact: Muriel Thomas, International Distribution Director.

Simon Super Rabbit

Commissioner: France TV, with prebuys from VRT (Belgium), RTS (Switzerland), Hop! (Israel), TéléQuébec (Canada), DR TV (Denmark), SVT (Sweden)
Produced By: GO-N Productions
Distributor: GO-N International represents all rights worldwide.
Description: (Preschool/kids, 52×5 min.) A fresh narrative and graphic take that explores the rich imaginary world of Simon and his friends when they play at being superheroes. We follow them in their imaginary games where Simon is becoming “Super Rabbit.”
Pitch Perfect: The cutest and funniest superhero animated series for preschoolers, based on the iconic character Simon, who is loved by kids and their parents worldwide.
Slot Winner: The three seasons of Simon are currently broadcast on major channels worldwide. It is number one on France TV’s Okoo and in the top five kids’ shows almost everywhere it is broadcast. Broadcasters include VRT (Belgium), Cartoonito (Italy), Tiny Pop (U.K.), Clan RTVE (Spain), SVT (Sweden), DR (Denmark), Dreamia (Portugal), JimJam (Central Europe), EBS (Korea) and NHK (Japan).
Sales Contact: Eric Garnet, Producer & Co-Founder.