BBC Studios Renews Bluey Licensing Deal with Moose Toys


BBC Studios has renewed its Bluey licensing partnership with Moose Toys, which will continue to serve as the global master toy partner for the brand.

The multiyear renewal builds on the global success of Moose Toys’ current Bluey range. This fall and winter, the company will introduce a 3-in-1 airplane playset, new additions to its plush collection and a two-level Celebration Home.

This licensing renewal comes just after the global premiere of the extended special “The Sign,” which garnered more than 10 million views worldwide on Disney+ in the week after its release. BBC Studios also recently revealed a collection of “Bluey Minisodes,” set to premiere on ABC in Australia in June and on Disney Jr. and Disney+ in July.

“With global fandom for Bluey showing no sign of abating, I am delighted that our dynamic toy partnership with Moose Toys is set to continue for years to come,” said Andrew Carley, director of global licensing at BBC Studios. “Moose’s translation of the Bluey brand is best-in-class. They continue to consistently deliver brilliant products that captivate young imaginations and inspire unparalleled play experiences that celebrate the spirit of Bluey perfectly.”

“We feel very lucky to be part of the awesome team that brings Bluey’s much loved characters to life for kids around the world,” commented Paul Solomon, CEO of Moose Toys. “Bluey has become a fixture in millions of homes, celebrating our unique Aussie way of life. From backyard barbies to family adventures, Bluey reminds us to play and not take ourselves too seriously, all things we embrace at Moose. Who better to bring the spirit of Bluey to life than a family-run, Aussie toy company like us.”