Animaccord & Herotainment Align for Smighties


Animaccord has partnered with Herotainment to coordinate the media activity for the children’s animated series Smighties across traditional and new-media platforms.

Through the agreement, Animaccord has acquired the exclusive media rights to distribute 39 episodes of Smighties in Russia, CIS, Eastern Europe and Turkey. The company will also coordinate the official Smighties channels on YouTube in Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic and Turkish. The U.S.-produced series aimed at kids ages 4 to 7 follows the fantastical adventures of the small and mighty heroes from a magical land.

Caryn Teman, founder and co-CEO of Herotainment, said: “Our colorful, pint-sized heroes and their empowering message resonate with kids and families everywhere, and we are thrilled to partner with world-class company Animaccord to build the beloved Smighties into a global phenomenon.”