Workpoint Puts a Twist on the Traditional

Dhanasak Hoonarak, chief business development officer of Workpoint Group, talks to TV Formats about putting fun and creativity at the forefront of its formats as the market gets back in full swing.

Thailand’s Workpoint Group is seeing TV production, and the format market as a whole, back in full swing. “Most of our clients are looking for entertainment shows, big shiny-floor shows and, of course, studio-based, as it is easier to adhere to health protocols for the production,” says Dhanasak Hoonarak, chief business development officer of Workpoint Group. “They are also looking for shows with a twist, with a guessing element and a bit of mystery.”

The strength of Workpoint, Hoonarak says, “has always been fun and creativity. We try to create shows with a twist and still have our fun identity. For example, we twist quiz shows, from a serious one to a funny one, in Lightning Quiz. We twist normal singing shows into a mysterious and fun singing game show in The Wall Duet. This is what we always do.”

One of Workpoint’s best-selling formats is Mic On Debt Off, a singing competition show that invites two contestants with debts to compete. The winning contestant will go on to the next round to pick a microphone. If the mic is on, their debt will be paid off. The format has been produced in Indonesia for over 300 episodes, produced for two seasons in Malaysia and has a version in Cambodia.

Also a strong performer for the company is The Wall Duet. “Singing shows are loved and enjoyed by audiences around the world, so it has become just like the world’s all-time favorite dish,” Hoonarak says. “I can say that with The Wall Duet, it’s like we’re serving pizza with the topping of Tom Yum Kung to the audiences worldwide.” The Wall Duet has sealed deals in seven territories, including France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal, following success in Thailand and Vietnam.

The highlight of The Wall Duet is guessing—and how superstar singers make fools of one another. “It’s a mysterious and fun show, which is trendy for buyers,” adds Hoonarak.

“I believe the world has embraced the Asian taste even more than it used to. Our opportunities now lie in a lot of new territories, whether it be the U.S., Latin America, Europe, the Middle East or Africa. We see our opportunities to be beyond Asian countries now.”