MIPCOM Spotlight: Workpoint Group


A singing competition from Workpoint Group, Mic On Start Up sees two contestants compete to have their dream projects funded.

It is a spin-off of the successful format Mic On Debt Off, which has been produced in Indonesia for more than 200 episodes within just six months. Little Lightning is a spin-off from the adult-centric Lightning Quiz, this time with young players. The contestants are placed in a roller-coaster seat, which moves up and down. The Spy Game is an action-filled game show. It requires intelligence to win, and the losers get a crazy punishment. “Apart from increasing the presence and awareness of Workpoint Group, we aim to offer our award-winning formats to the world at MIPCOM this year,” says Dhanasak Hoonarak, the company’s chief business development executive.

He adds, “Workpoint Group offers award-winning game, quiz and comedy shows to the world market.”