Tuesday’s Child Preps Killer Camp for ITV2


ITV2 has commissioned Killer Camp, a reality TV event series slated to air for five nights leading up to Halloween, from Tuesday’s Child, with Keshet International distributing the finished U.K. version and the format.

In the show, 11 unsuspecting contributors will be dropped into an ’80s-style lakeside lodge where they try to earn cash while they avoid being “killed” off and attempt to figure out who the secret murderer is. “Killer Camp has betrayal, romance and horror throwback nostalgia at its core, all wrapped up with a glorious ’80s bow,” said James Donkin, series editor for Tuesday’s Child. “We hope the boxset-bingeing twists, alongside the overarching ‘whodunnit’ narrative, will hook viewers in and keep them locked, until the big reveal on Halloween night.”

Steph Harris, executive producer for Tuesday’s Child, added, “The contestants become real-life stars of their very own horror movie. Shot in a beautiful lakeside campsite with cinematic production values at the core, we can’t wait to unveil this Halloween spectacular, in all its terrifying and hilarious glory, on the great British public in October.”