Something Special & TAICCA Tie Up


Something Special and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) have entered into a partnership to co-develop and co-produce new unscripted IP over the next two years.

Set to begin by the end of June 2024, the partnership will see Something Special and TAICCA engage in discussions to develop Something Special’s original paper formats IP for Taiwanese productions. The collaboration will explore diverse co-production opportunities, including working with Taiwanese producers and production companies, engaging Taiwanese celebrities and non-celebrities and producing shows in Taiwan.

Homme Tsai, TAICCA chairperson, stated: “Korean variety shows continuously innovate, providing fresh experiences. Their diverse content captures global attention and resonates with audiences. Taiwan also boasts its unique culture and creative talent. Through this collaboration, we hope to enhance the cultural and technical exchange between Taiwan and Korea. We are excited for more international audiences to discover Taiwan through audiovisual content and to see more Taiwan-specific content shine on the international stage.”

Jin Woo Hwang, Something Special’s president and executive producer, stated: “We are pleased to announce this collaboration with TAICCA, with our experiences working with government agencies and international partners, we are more than happy to take part in building the next step of Asian original content.”