Red Arrow Studios International Sends Beat the Channel Around the World


Red Arrow Studios International has scored its first wave of deals for the new entertainment format Beat the Channel, which sees two popular presenters get the chance to win a 15-minute live broadcast slot.

The format has been sold to Banijay Group’s Dlo/Magnolia for Spain, Endemol Shine for Portugal, Deeply Superficial for France and Different Productions for the Middle East. In addition, ProSieben has commissioned season three of the series for Germany (local title: Joko & Klaas gegen ProSieben).

Beat the Channel is a high-energy new prime-time entertainment format that sees two popular TV presenters given the chance to win a live broadcast slot, where anything goes. But to win, they first need to beat the ultimate competitor: their very own host channel. Over six challenges and a final game, the channel throws everything they can at the duo, including their smartest celebrities and biggest program brands, to play tough physical and mental challenges—in the studio and on location.

If the duo wins the show, they get a 15-minute live prime-time slot to do whatever they’ve always dreamed of doing, and viewers tune in to see the surprise they spring on their broadcaster. In the German version, ProSieben stars Joko and Klaas devoted their winning slots to everything from hiding money in cities around Germany and filming viewers trying to find it, to gifting the slot to people who help others and have important things to say.

If the channel triumphs in the competition, the duo are at its disposal for a whole day and have to do what it says—from hosting the daily magazine show to announcing live links across the whole day’s schedule.

The deals were concluded by Tobias Schulze, VP of sales for France & German-speaking territories, and Maria Arroyo, senior sales manager for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Israel and Latin America.

Bo Stehmeier, president of Red Arrow Studios International, said: “Broadcasters around the world are looking for live event television to boost and differentiate their schedules. With its high-energy, hilarious stunts, games and celebrity guests, Beat the Channel has all the ingredients to achieve just that. Following its outstanding success in Germany, we’re confident other audiences around the world will enjoy this noisy, watercooler hit which is perfect for the whole family.”