Born On Format Being Adapted by Kan in Israel


DRG has licensed its social-history format Born On to Kan in Israel, which has also optioned the social-experiment format No More Boys & Girls.

Kan is producing Born On as a 6×1-hour series to air in summer 2020. The show was originally created by Monster for NRK in Norway. In each episode, Born On tells the story of three different people, one of whom is a celebrity, all born on the same day in history. The format examines how, from the same starting point, their lives evolved in different directions and how their fates are linked to large and small events in our shared history. Four seasons of Born On have been commissioned in Norway, as well as Lithuania, and it ran for two seasons in Spain and Switzerland. In the U.K., BBC One aired the format as Born on the Same Day.

The public service broadcaster has also taken an option for No More Boys & Girls. Originally produced by Outline Productions for BBC Two, the series uses a pioneering approach to investigate if creating gender-neutral schools can help close the gender gap in adult life. The format has been produced locally by ZDF Neo in Germany and Movistar+ in Spain and remains under option in the Netherlands.

Jack Watson, sales manager at DRG, said: “Kan has a terrific reputation for successfully localizing titles in the social history, heritage and social experiment space, having previously produced Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds and You Can’t Ask That in Israel. This experience, coupled with real curiosity about what our formats can deliver for their audiences on both linear and digital platforms, makes them a perfect partner for these shows in the territory. Work on Born On is well underway and there is every hope at Kan that this title develops to become an enduring and ratings-winning fixture in the schedules.”