Nippon TV Presenting Pair of New Formats


Nippon TV has a new scripted format on offer, Rebooting, alongside the unscripted format Doki Doki Video.

Rebooting is currently airing on Sunday prime time on Japan’s Nippon TV. The series sees a mundane woman get the unbelievable chance to redo her banal life. It is scripted by a popular Japanese comedian whose forte is detailed descriptions of daily events that are extremely relatable and humorous to audiences.

The story centers on a 33-year-old single woman working at the local city hall. One day, she gets hit by a car and dies but finds herself in an empty white room where a clerk files her death and guides her towards a door to her next life as a giant anteater. If she declines that choice and chooses to relive the same life she had lived as a human being but works hard to gain extra points by doing better than her past life, she will again be reincarnated as a human being. She chooses the latter to take control of her karma and reincarnation, and her second go at life begins.

Doki Doki Video, meanwhile, puts celebrities to the test to hold back their facial expressions while facing the most shocking viral videos. Combining observation reality and a competitive game show, the format sees celebrities compete in a tournament of who can endure 12 shocking and/or funny videos without showing any emotion. If the celebrities do show emotion by making noise or showing facial expressions, they lose points and may be forced to leave the competition. The celebrity contestants who make it through the preliminary rounds advance to the finals, where more shocking or hilarious videos await. The celebrity who manages to endure to the end is awarded a prize, declared the winner and given the prestigious title of “Champion of No Reaction.”

“We have been creating shows for 70 successful years that have led our series to continuously sell around the world, often very quickly, and our production capabilities have expanded to where we are now creating comedy shows such as Ariyoshi Assists exclusively for Netflix. This leads to the unmissable new titles we are proud to be offering on the occasion of MIPTV’s 60th anniversary,” commented Mikiko Nishiyama, executive VP of international business development at Nippon TV. “Our scripted format Rebooting is written by a very popular comedian who is also a successful scriptwriter. His unique style of humor has added an innovative edge to the time travel series genre, one that will surely surprise international audiences and licensees who are searching for YA (young adult) series to adapt. With Doki Doki Video, we have an unscripted format that would be a hit among viewers of all ages who are glued to their phones watching funny videos. Doki Doki is a popular Japanese onomatopoeia when one’s heartbeat grows fast: thump thump! Like our hit format Silent Library, this show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, appealing to the human desire to see the faces of celebrities tolerating from bursting out laughing when watching incredible videos.”