Nippon TV Inks Deal in the Netherlands for Old Enough!


Nippon TV has signed a deal for the format rights to Old Enough! with Monday Media Netherlands, which will produce a Dutch version.

Old Enough! sees young children run errands on their own for the very first time while being filmed by an incognito camera crew. It is currently streaming globally on Netflix, with subtitles in 32 languages.

Sayako Aoki, format sales and licensing, international business development at Nippon TV, said: “Once the original Japanese series of Old Enough! created a huge buzz on Netflix, we received numerous inquiries from around the world for this heartwarming factual-entertainment format. Monday Media was one of the first to reach out to us, and we are delighted to be making this announcement today. I have no doubt that Old Enough! will resonate with Dutch audiences when they witness the adventure of their adorable, young children running errands on their own for the very first time, filmed while following their local cultural standards—sometimes the power of these strongly determined children can exceed to a level that grown-ups could never imagine.”

Jan Hendrik Smeenge, managing director of Monday Media Netherlands, said: “We are delighted to sign the option deal with Nippon TV for Old Enough! Small adventures become big stories with huge emotions in this wonderful format, and we cannot wait to bring it to the Netherlands. The Japanese version struck a chord around the world—including with me, as my family and I binged all available episodes in a day—and we are convinced the Dutch version will do the same.”