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In-Demand: Formats from Global Agency


Global Agency, one of the world’s leading TV content distributors, offers a broad portfolio of innovative formats that continue to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide. With a diverse slate across lifestyle, talent, dating and game shows, the company has achieved success with programs such as Shopping Monsters, Keep Your Light Shining, Perfect Bride and The Remix. With its powerful programs, trendsetting formats and innovative strategies, Global Agency is well placed to keep providing “Content that Creates Buzz.”

Take a look at some of the standout new properties in the Global Agency format catalog below. Contact Global Agency via email or visit their website.

Good Singers

Genre: Singing entertainment show
Slot: Prime time, weekly
Description: In this original and entertaining game show, talented and untalented singers are going to try to impress our celebrities without actually singing in the first place! Two teams, with three celebrities each, compete against each other in this new musical contest and will have to use all their powers of perception to succeed. In each episode, 12 contestants will come onto the stage, each with a numbered label, and each of them pretending to be a “good singer.” While some of them may have great voices, others certainly won’t. The celebrities have one goal: to distinguish the fakes from the genuine articles among the candidates. Do they sing like a diva or like a strangled cat? Do they have what it takes to identify the good singers? The two teams will face each other over the course of four rounds, each funnier than the next. In order to win money for charity they must find the most beautiful voices. Which team will win its charity the most money? Which team will be able to identify the good singers?

Save My Style

Genre: Fashion competition reality show
Slot: 90-minute episodes
Description: The entertaining Save My Style revitalizes fashion reality show formats as bloggers create new looks for women in need of an update, in a battle for a $10,000 prize. Once chosen by the woman, they will have four hours and a budget of $3,000 to update her style and look, discarding unfashionable parts of the woman’s wardrobe, restyle outfits and buy new ones. Disagreements between the woman and the blogger keep the audience entertained, while a tailor, hair stylist and makeup artist work to complete her look. The real fun starts when the other blogger contestants are brought in to pass judgement, leaving one of them eliminated, one richer, and an audience looking forward to the following week’s show.

Love Stories

Genre: Factual reality
Slot: Prime time, daily/weekly
Description: Three couples describe the blossoming of their romance in the intriguing reality show Love Stories, which culminates with the dramatic revelation of whether they are still together. Each person tells their story separately in episodes divided into key moments such as how they met, the first date, then maybe the wedding and the birth of children. As the second partner gives their account, viewers will be fascinated to see they have contrasting memories or views of the same events. The show captures the imagination with stories everybody can identify with and tempts the viewers to predict: are they still together?

Star Queens

Genre: Reality singing show
Slot: Prime time, weekly
Description: Ten celebrities are transformed into drag queens and perform hit songs on stage in Star Queens, a fun and enjoyable contest for all ages. Professional drag queens coach the contestants, and viewers watch their fascinating transformations and training. They perform for a jury of three celebrity judges who mark them on costume, makeup, choreography and humor. With the lowest scoring celebrity eliminated at the end of each episode, Star Queens heads towards a finale that offers spectacular family entertainment.

The Tupper Club

Genre: Cooking reality show
Slot: Prime time, weekly
Description: The charismatic celebrity chef Javi Sierra guides three famous people in preparing meals at home for their rivals to judge in this innovative contest. Viewers gain fascinating insight into the contestants’ characters, homes and families, as well as their culinary skills, with a new cooking theme selected each week. A surprise awaits the celebrities when they arrive at the club to find out who their rivals are, before voting for the best dish that will earn its maker the “Golden Tupperware” award. The Tupper Club cordially invites viewers to enter the kitchen of the show’s celebrities and enjoy an entertaining and fun time in the company of some charming hosts.

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