KABO International Inks Deals for Cash or Splash


LA PLAINE ST DENIS: KABO International has secured format deals with Go Quest Media Ventures and Nordisk Film TV for the game show Cash or Splash.

The entertainment game-show format sees two teams of contestants that have a hobby or profession in common go head-to-head to test their knowledge of popular culture, history and science. Any correct answers earn them cash. However, if a contestant supplies the incorrect answer, he or she is hit with anything from shaving cream to syrup, pies and more. Go Quest Media Ventures has acquired the rights for Cash or Splash for Thailand and Vietnam.

In addition to picking up rights for Cash or Splash, Nordisk Film TV has renewed the option for the classic family-entertainment format Who’s Who? in Denmark.

“The global TV market continues to demand quality game formats, with an entertainment factor, that resonate with a wide and family demographic,” said Arabelle Pouliot-Di Crescenzo, KABO International’s managing director. “KABO is known for its catalogue of long-running scripted comedy formats, and we feel that expanding into game formats that also have comedy and entertainment at their core is a natural step in our company’s progression.”