German Treatment for Armoza’s Sex Tape


TEL AVIV: Armoza Formats has closed its first deal for the new social experiment Sex Tape with Tresor TV in Germany.

The idea for Sex Tape was originally pitched at Armoza’s annual format competition by sexologist Dr. Shelly Varod and was then taken on for in-house development at Armoza. The premise of the show is that each week three couples attempt to fix their relationships with a new form of therapy. They film their love life for an entire week, including the intimacy and the issues. Then all three couples meet and work with a top sex therapist while watching each others’ intimate videos. The question is: Will the new perspective they gain from the camera, the sexpert and the other couples change their relationship for the better?

Armoza and Tresor TV have previously worked together on Curvy Supermodel.

Axel Kuehn, the managing director at Tresor TV, said, “We are happy to continue our successful and inspiring business relationship with Armoza Formats with this exciting new show. We believe that the format will create a lot of buzz as it mixes a stirring topic with excellent and warmhearted storytelling.”

Avi Armoza, the CEO of Armoza Formats, commented, “Sex Tape has received incredibly positive responses and wide interest since its launch a couple of weeks ago. We are thrilled to have already started working with Tresor TV on this emotionally-charged and relatable show for the German market and look forward to seeing its continued growth internationally.”