Eccho Rights Adds Pair of South Korean Scripted Formats


Eccho Rights has signed a deal with SBS Contents Hub in South Korea to represent two of its top scripted formats.

Queen of Ambition tells the story of a woman born into poverty who will let nothing stand in her way as she tries to rise to the top, while a man who is a hopeless romantic will sacrifice anything for her. When she betrays him, he takes his revenge. The readymade already sold across Southeast Asia, French-speaking Europe and Romania.

Incarnation of Money is a legal thriller about a prosecutor and four conspirators who successfully carry out a scheme to kill a real estate mogul and steal his wealth. Years later, they face dire consequences when the mogul’s son, now a prosecutor himself, recovers his memory and finds out the truth behind his family’s demise.

“These are two series that really took South Korea by storm during their original runs, but have universal themes and strong, emotive scripts that make them ideal candidates for international remakes,” said Deborah Youn, head of Asia business at Eccho Rights.

Sangil Yun of SBS Contents Hub’s global business team said: “Eccho Rights has a proven track record of getting scripts adapted across borders, ensuring that the remakes retain the ingredients that made the originals so successful, but also providing something new to the international market. We are really excited to start working with their global team on this new partnership.”