Finnish Treatment for Comedy Format Crack Them Up


STOCKHOLM: Eccho Rights has licensed the Ukrainian comedy format Crack Them Up to Yellow Film & TV in Finland for a local adaptation.

Crack Them Up looks on as amateur stand-up comedians perform in front of a panel of professionals for the chance to win a cash prize. The ten-episode Finnish version will be hosted by Elina Kottonen (Got Talent), with local comedians Krisse Salminen and Riku Nieminen on board as judges. It is due to debut on Nelonen (Four) in March.

Crack Them Up comes from Studio Kvartal 95 in the Ukraine. The format has already aired successfully in Russia, China, Vietnam and Lithuania.

Nicola Söderlund, the managing partner at Eccho Rights, which distributes the format internationally, remarked: “The joy of this format is that it gives each participant their five minutes of fame, and looks to have fun with them. With an infinite pool of fresh talent to choose from—the public—the long-term success of the series is secure, so it is no surprise it has thrived for so long in Ukraine. We look forward to a similar story now in Finland.”

Milla Bruneau, the COO of Yellow Film & TV, added: “We are so excited to introduce this format to the Finnish market. We have enjoyed years of success with our own format Comedy Combat, pitching professional comedians against one another in competition, but now it is time for the public to take center stage! We can’t wait to introduce some new, fresh talent to the Finnish audience.”