Come Dine With Me Enters the Metaverse


ITV Studios’ MultiStory Media and creative agency Metavision have partnered up to launch Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me into the metaverse.

Players will now be able to go head to head to become the ultimate dinner party host in a newly released Minecraft world. Created by Metavision, Blockworks and the show’s producer MultiStory Media, the bespoke experience, Come Mine With Me, invites players around the world to step into the bustling town of Minechester to design and build a dinner party from scratch.

Once there, players will be able to shop at custom stores, from a grocer’s to a builder’s yard, and have the opportunity to discover new recipes and build a dinner party beyond their imagination to share with friends. And of course, at the end of the evening, each player will give a score out of ten, with the contestant with the highest score crowned the winner.

Pukar Mehta, COO at MultiStory Media, said: “Keeping this beloved show fresh and relevant for our evolving audience has been a key focus over the past few years. The concept the team at metavision came up with for the show’s evolution into the metaverse was perfect, and something we had to bring to fruition. We continue to work with Channel 4 on exciting ideas and hope to continue Come Dine With Me’s journey into new and unexpected places.”

Ryan Norrington, creative lead at Metavision, said: “The further in development we went with Come Mine With Me, the more we asked ourselves, ‘Why hasn’t this been done already?’ The format feels like it was designed from the very beginning to be played with friends on Minecraft. We’re very excited to be bringing a cultural heavyweight like Come Dine With Me to the metaverse, where it can be discovered by an entirely new, highly engaged and younger audience.”

Emma Derrick, commercial innovation leader at Channel 4, said: “Come Dine With Me is already a hugely popular show, providing viewers with all the drama and excitement through its iconic format; I think we’ve all secretly wanted to take part ourselves. With our excellent partners, MultiStory Media and Metavision, we have been able to make this dream a reality by launching it into the metaverse and opening the world of Come Mine With Me to the next generation.”