eSports Format Gamerz Going Global with Bomanbridge & Passion


Gamingzone Entertainment (GZE) has formed a distribution partnership with Bomanbridge Media and Passion Distribution for the first-ever live eSports reality format, Gamerz.

Gamerz gives amateur online gamers the opportunity to become eSports professionals while living together and receiving support from well-known gaming pros. Bomanbridge will represent the format in the Asia Pacific, while Passion Distribution is handling sales throughout the rest of the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

Robert Jönsson, the creative director of GZE, commented: “It’s incredibly exciting to apply successful elements of reality TV to a totally new genre—eSports. The hard-to-reach target group of young gamers aged 15 to 35 loves to watch fast-paced, fun and entertaining content. But they consume it on their own terms—whenever and wherever they like. The first Scandi season of Gamerz was a success and perfectly tailored for this audience.”

Emmanuelle Namiech, the CEO of Passion Distribution, noted: “eSports has a huge untapped potential TV market and Gamerz presents a format which for the first time bridges the worlds of eSports and mainstream reality television. Passion Distribution is delighted to be working with GZE to bring the format, which has already been a proven success in the Nordics, to the rest of the world.”

Sonia Fleck, the CEO of Bomanbridge Media, added: “With the global popularity of eSports increasing at a rapid pace—targeting to reach almost 600 million by 2020—it is an honor to be in partnership with GZE Organisation to distribute the world’s first-ever eSports gaming format in Asia. This series is structured to generate drama, education and engagement, while giving participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train together with world-renowned professional gamers. We at Bomanbridge are confident that the Asian adaptations would be equally as efficacious and lucrative.”