Banijay Options CJ ENM’s The Genius Game


Banijay has inked an option deal for CJ ENM’s survival game-show format The Genius Game for adaptation in the U.K., Denmark and Norway.

Players in The Genius Game are chosen based on their social IQ, charisma, charm and intelligence to challenge their analytical reasoning, attention to detail, memory and loyalty in battles of intelligence and manipulation. Remarkable Entertainment, Mastiff TV Denmark and Mastiff TV Norway are attached to produce the U.K., Denmark and Norway versions, respectively.

An adaptation has already been made in the Netherlands, where it premiered as The Genius: The Netherlands on October 3.

James Townley, global head of content development at Banijay, said, “The Genius Game is an entertaining, high-stakes social game which has generated significant international interest. We have experienced and talented creatives in the UK, Denmark, and Norway who are ready to bring this psychological social experiment to audiences.”

“We are overjoyed to create opportunities for The Genius Game to be produced in different versions of the show,” said Diane Min, head of format sales at CJ ENM. “With the elements of a hit show, including problem-solving skills, social skills and the betrayal element, it is a show that can entertain viewers from all territories. As a multi-season megahit show in Korea, bolstering our IP in a local format will bring so much fun and thrill to its viewers as well.”