Armoza Formats to Launch Drive Therapy at MIPTV


Armoza Formats has set plans to launch the new docu-reality format Drive Therapy, which brings therapy into the car, at MIPTV.

In each episode, a backseat therapist picks up three people who are on a journey in their lives and drives them to a destination where they will confront something. During the ride, the therapist provides the passengers with new tools to help them reroute their lives.

The format is produced by Armoza Formats and Artza Productions.

“Each of us has had points in our lives when we felt like we needed some direction, and our new docu-reality Drive Therapy will offer participants and viewers just that,” said Salome Peillon, head of sales at Armoza Formats. “Through the relatable stories of people looking for help as well as the new tools that the therapist will offer, this emotional format allows people to see from a new angle. We are excited to bring this co-development, together with our partners at Artza Productions, as part of our MIP slate.”