All Against 1 Lands Spanish Adaptation


RTVE has commissioned a Spanish adaptation of Banijay’s All Against 1 from Zeppelin, part of Banijay Iberia.

Originally created by Nordisk Banijay, the game show poses outlandish questions to contestants, from how many children will it take to pull a 16-ton truck to what’s the top speed reached by a caravan falling from 50 meters? Viewers play along via a custom-made app and whoever is closer to the right answer—the viewers or contestant—will claim the winnings.

The Spanish adaptation marks the eighth version of the format, which has been made in Norway, Denmark, Finland Germany and more.

Miguel Martín, managing director of Zeppelin, said: “All Against 1 is based on a simple yet addictive premise: Can one person outsmart the nation? Many of us sit at home shouting the answers at the TV, and now it is time for the Spanish audience to get to take part.”

Lucas Green, global head of content operations, added: “Interactivity is at the heart of this format, with a specially integrated app and questions that are anyone’s guess, meaning everyone in the country can play. All Against 1 has been a ratings hit across Europe, and we’re thrilled to see it head to Spain.”