New Study Shows FAST’s Rising Share of U.K. Video Market


FAST will account for almost 20 percent of the $3 billion online ad-supported video market in the U.K. by 2027, according to new Omdia research commissioned by Blue Ant International.

FAST revenues in the U.K. will rise from about $128 million currently to $506 million in the next four years, the research indicates.

“As a global distributor with a proven track record, our goal with these new findings is to demystify how FAST will perform outside of North America, specifically in the U.K., where free-to-air still reigns supreme,” said Lilla Hurst, global head of acquisitions and partnerships at Blue Ant International. “The updated data highlights FAST as an opportunity for creators to maximize the value of their IP in the U.K. via windowing strategies that will extend the life and revenue of their productions. We’re here to help them navigate through that journey.”

The research found that some 50 to 500 hours are needed to keep FAST channels fresh for audiences, alongside clear brand positioning.