BFI: Strong Gains in Foreign Investment in U.K. High-End TV


LONDON: Inward investment in high-end U.K. television hit a record of £477.8 million ($601.2 million) in 2016, while domestic spending dropped to £248.4 million ($312.5 million).

Total production spend for high-end programs in the U.K. last year decreased by 18 percent to £726.2 million (914.4 million). A total of 84 high-end programs began principal photography in 2016, down from 96 in 2015. The number of co-pros and inward investments rose from 26 to 36. The number of domestic high-end shows fell from 70 in 2015 to 48 last year.

BFI also reports on the animation sector, with figures at this time showing that U.K. spend on domestic programs rose by 9 percent to £57.7 million ($72.6 million). It was a 50/50 split between spending on domestic programs and those that were co-produced or receiving foreign investment. The number of animated shows produced in the U.K. fell substantially, BFI said, from 43 to 24, of which 11 received foreign funding.