FunBox 4K UHD Now Available on Vodafone Portugal


NEW YORK: SPI International and Vodafone Portugal have unveiled the launch of the FunBox 4K UHD channel on TV Net Voz, a leading Portuguese IPTV platform.

Vodaphone Portugal has already begun offering some FunBox 4K content to its subscribers. Additional programming will become available in the coming months and will include a wide range of titles in Ultra HD (UHD). FunBox 4K UHD features almost exclusively native 4K content comprising documentary films, animations and soon to come sports programming and music videos in UHD.

"We keep improving the quality of our image and as of today, Vodafone Portugal will distribute a 4K TV channel to its subscribers allowing them to have an amazing TV experience," said Vodafone Portugal.

Berk Uziyel, executive director FilmBox/SPI International, added: "SPI is focusing on making as much native 4K content as possible available via this channel, and we are only showing those programs that have a high production value and can deliver outstanding visual highlights for the viewers. This will help FunBox 4K UHD and Vodafone to present the best possible ultra-high definition images and an experience that can't be achieved by services that rely on unmanaged distribution over the open internet."