Zodiak Rights Picks Up Jean-Pierre Mocky Catalogue


PARIS: The extensive movie and TV catalogue of French film director Jean-Pierre Mocky has found a home at Zodiak Rights.

The distribution unit of Zodiak Media acquired a range of films directed and produced through the filmmaker’s own outfit, Mocky Delicious Products (MDP), between 1959 and 2014. The catalogue’s 48 titles include The Chasers, The Red Ibis and The Witness, as well as the recently released Sleep Tight Sweetpea. Small-screen inclusions are the made-for-TV movie The Wrath and three seasons of the TV show Myster Mocky. The distributor also picked up the rights for two of the director’s upcoming films, Slander and The Mystery of the Daffodils.

“We are extremely happy to represent Jean-Pierre Mocky, a key figure in French cinema, who has directed the greatest actors of today and yesterday,” said Anne Feret, the head of theatrical sales at Zodiak Rights. “His catalogue of great film classics, enriched with new productions, celebrates his unique perspective.’’