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A classic melodrama, The Game of My Destiny tells the story of a mother whose world is turned upside down when her daughter is attacked by a neighbor, leaving them to rebuild their shattered lives. The series follows as the woman struggles with romance, betrayal and jealousy, and she must overcome a cruel destiny and find happiness for her family.

The Game of My Destiny is Star TV’s highest-rated show this season,” says Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Global Agency, which is taking this series out to the international market. “There is very stiff competition on national ***Image***channels this season, and this project is the one that pleased Star TV the most.”

Pinto lists romanticism, drama and suspense as some of the show’s key selling points, as well as its “epic, complex and very well-constructed love stories with key elements of the traditional telenovela but updated for today’s viewers.” The series is rich with themes of love and revenge, delivers a look at the lives of the poor and rich and is full of mystery and family secrets.

Pinto points out that Turkish dramas have long engaged audiences and built up viewer loyalty with their strong stories, and The Game of My Destiny is perfectly in line. “The demand from audiences for good content never changes if you serve quality production and a combination of unique but relatable storytelling with talented artists.

The Game of My Destiny is a good project that incorporates these important elements,” Pinto continues. “In the past, projects with these types of ingredients have performed very well abroad. We know what the overseas audiences want, and this story is just for them.”

While the last few years amid the Covid-19 pandemic have certainly presented challenges for the global production industry, Turkey’s TV market has held strong, says Pinto. He notes that stay-at-home measures led to an increase in demand for content and a rise in viewing rates. “Turning this situation into an opportunity, the Turkish TV series industry continued its exports without slowing down,” he adds. “Turkey has a very wide array of archives. The lack of production around the world enabled the Turkish TV series archive to be evaluated. For this reason, the last two years have exceeded our expectations.”

Turkish dramas have made their way to all corners of the globe, and Pinto has seen new opportunities in additional African countries, as well as in France. “There is no big market left to explore because we have already reached 120 countries, and it is very important to maintain this number,” he says.

While it has generally been finished dramas attracting the attention of international buyers, now there is also interest in acquiring the format rights for Turkish drama, Pinto says.

“When original stories in Turkey, good acting, great outdoor locations and music come together, the Turkish DNA emerges. One of the most important reasons why we have maintained our success for a long time is that there is no country rivaling Turkey in this sense. As Turkey’s advertising market grows, its budget is also growing. When you have a good, high budget, you can produce a high-quality project.” And this is what Global Agency is committed to bringing to international buyers with shows like The Game of My Destiny.

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