Wild West Chronicles Season Two Bowing on INSP


INSP has set the premiere date for the second season of Wild West Chronicles, a historical docudrama anthology series.

Inspired by stories about famous characters and unsung heroes of the American West, Wild West Chronicles follows the legendary Bat Masterson, who trades in his sheriff’s badge for a pen to become a newspaper reporter. Season two of the series is slated to launch on INSP on July 28.

In each episode of Wild West Chronicles, Masterson tracks down eyewitnesses who share memories of events and characters of the Old West as they tell their stories, bringing back to life a bygone age of hardship and lawlessness.

Craig Miller, VP of original programming and development for INSP, said: “The debut of Wild West Chronicles had the distinction of being INSP’s highest-rated original series, and we’re looking to have even greater success with the second season.

“Some of the little-known history behind the Old West’s most memorable tales that we’ll delve into this season include learning who took the last shot at the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral; how a Texas Ranger finally stopped outlaws from cutting down fences; and why competing silver mining companies started a war underground. You will have to tune in to watch intrepid reporter Bat Masterson as he gets the ‘west’ of the story.”