wiip Options The Lemon


Independent studio wiip has optioned the rights to develop a TV adaptation of The Lemon, the culinary-inspired debut novel from S.E. Boyd, a pseudonym created by authors Alessandra Lusardi, Kevin Alexander and Joe Keohane.

In The Lemon, John Doe, a universally adored host of a culinary travel show, is found dead in an apparent suicide in a hotel room while filming on location in Northern Ireland. As the news of his death hits the U.S., a group of opportunists vie to take control of the narrative.

Doe’s agent Nia prepares to call in every favor she is owed to preserve his legacy, journalist Katie fabricates a story about Doe to save her job at a failing website, and world-famous chef Paolo Cabrini, Doe’s closest friend, finds himself entangled with a Belfast hotel worker who has a lurid secret.

wiip’s Paul Lee, Mark Roybal and Nate Winslow will executive produce the TV adaptation alongside Lusardi, Alexander and Keohane.

The Lemon takes an acidic bite out of the international culinary world and delivers a truly hysterical caper with some of the most dastardly characters I have ever encountered,” said Roybal. “The masterminds collectively known as S.E. Boyd—Kevin, Joe and Alessandra—have done the unthinkable in my estimation: they have created a bold, rambunctious, singular voice and a clever plot that never fails to surprise. We can’t wait to see them cook up a show based on their brilliant series.”

Lusardi, Alexander and Keohane added, “We’re beyond delighted to be working with the exceptional team at wiip. Paul, Mark and Nate are gratuitously talented, accomplished, smart, funny, handsome and good company besides. They are the perfect collaborators with whom to bring the sublime madness of The Lemon to TV.”