WarnerMedia Latin America Picks Up Dumb


Dori Media Group has inked an agreement with WarnerMedia Latin America for the original Israeli version of Dumb.

Dumb’s 73 episodes, spanning three seasons, will be dubbed for WarnerMedia Latin America. The action-packed crime drama is about people who would do anything to break free from their lonely existence to become loved.

The sale follows Rampensau, the successful German remake and further remakes to be produced in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain.

“The award-winning original version of Dumb really resonated with audiences in Israel and achieved impressive audience figures,” said Nadav Palti, CEO and president of Dori Media Group. “Forty-six percent of Israel’s HOT cable television subscribers have watched the series and the format continues to gain major international recognition. Dumb is a well-established hit show across multiple territories that will serve WarnerMedia’s audiences well, without requiring a great deal of adaptation.”